Know What Wheel Spacers And Beam Axle Are

They are known to design and manufacture Wheel spacers that would suit and fit all types and models of tractors, thus providing you with a great product that too within a sensible cost. One of the important aspects is that all their products are welded with the help of a machine and machined through CNC and that too within Australia, hence guarantying their strength and durability. One thing that you must know is that spacers by Widetract are anything but difficult to fit within all models of tractors, plus they are delivered with all essentials required for fitting them in a tractor. The ideal dimensions include lengths of either hundred and twenty inch or three meters, in addition to custom designing and hues of powder coat according to your choice available. Other features include a waffle flange that aids to adjust it easily and quickly, without removing the wheel oil can be changed. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Tractor Wheel Spacers are as follows:  starting off with the advantages, the three main advantages are that it is not at all expensive, it can be simply adjusted to being three meter in size, and it can be reverted back to the original size without much difficulty. The disadvantages are that it decreases the overall performance time of hub bearings, steering parts, and planetary gears. And can interfere with the workings of the GPS tracking. Visit this link for more info on tractor wheel spacers.

They also design and supply you with Axle Extension, with the latest one in their collection having the capacity to extend up till four meters. These beam axles are supplied keeping in mind all possible kinds of tractors, their sizes and models. The reason why you are recommended to use this axle by Widetract is that it will spare the tractor from undergoing costly upkeep occasionally. These are considered better than wheel spacers as they can be risky when being utilized as wheel spacers increases the weight on the axle where as an extension doesn’t do this. This technique has already been effectively operated on a few tractors of different kinds and the results are noteworthy.

As all other products on earth that are manufactured for human use, this too has some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include that because of its unique design no additional stress is felt on the on axle in the front or on any of the controlling components, the limit to carry a certain amount of weight is specified, it promptly can adjust to GPS settings, and maintaining it is an easy task. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, there are only three of them, the first one that it is relatively expensive, if a tractor has not been in use for some time, fittings would take more time and then it would be equally hard to change it back to its original form.